Do you ever feel like there is so much more to life, and you are not reaching it?

Do you feel bored, in the need to feel the adrenaline, to feel
that you are breathing with your lungs full, to feel that you are truly living this life?

I had that feeling every single day for almost 6 years. I was waking up to go to work with joy and I was never complaining that I have to wake up at
3am, or to go to work at midnight and go to bed at 9 in the morning! Why? Because I was doing what I loved, and what made me feel ALIVE.

And I understood it only once I had left my job in Emirates.

This 1 year I spent on ground I am sleeping well, I am healthier probably. But I am not happy! I am so bored with ground life! I am so bored without
the possibility to wake up and buy a cheap staff ticket and go ANYWHERE in the world! My happy places used to be Greece and Istanbul, I would wake up
on my day off and in the afternoon I was there, having a coffee in my favorite coffee shops, enjoying the Greek sun or soaking up the energy of vibrant Istanbul.

A month ago I attended an assessment day for my country’s national airline, Air Serbia. I thought, if it’s meant for me to fly again, it will happen.

And guess what? It did. Maybe we meet if you ever decide to fly to Belgrade! This time I will wear a beautiful blue hat, instead of a red one I wore for so long.
But I will spend the night sleeping in my hometown, for a difference.

And on top of that, today I feel especially alive again. I woke up, bought the (not as cheap as the staff ticket) one way ticket to Istanbul,
and I am writing this from 30 000 ft altitude only to ask you WHEN DO YOU FEEL ALIVE?

Never stop trying to reach for your dream, even if you didn’t make it 5 times, always try that one extra time! It will be worth the effort!

Fly with Gina (38)

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