Emirates is known as one of the top choice airlines for most of the aspiring, future cabin crew. Why is that so? Well, it is the airline that offers, to my opinion and based on the information I have, the best perks and benefits to it’s crew, among the 3 biggest ones in the Middle East (Emirates, Etihad, Qatar).

Emirates definitely offers the most in terms of lifestyle freedom and possibilities, location, work related extras and salary, but also it offers huge, ever-expanding destination network and stunning hotels crew stays at. Follow this link to read more https://flywithgina.com/all-about-being-a-cabin-crew-for-emirates-the-good-bad-and-the-ugly-part-1/.

Here are the TOP 6 “best located” layovers in Emirates:

1.PHUKET, Thailand – Westin Siray Bay resort.

As much as you have heard that Thailand is an oasis of tranquility and spirituality, you will not truly believe how powerful this vibe is, until you experience it. The crew is blessed to stay in this gorgeous, cascading resort with the views that leave you breathless.

2. NEW YORK, USA – Sheraton Times Square.

As you grab your coffee on your way out of the hotel, you are steps away from the buzzing Times Square, and you feel like being a part of a movie you used to watch from your home. It feels surreal. Manhattan is under your feet, Central Park around the corner… If you were a fan of “Sex and the city”, you’ll be convinced that Carrie and Mr Big will appear in a horse carriage right there in front of you!

3. NICE, France – Radisson Blu.

This is one of my ever-favorite layovers! Nice was always on my standing bid (the flights you request for the next month). The sun and turquoise waters of the never-ending Côte d’Azur are just across the street from the crew hotel! You head down to the beautiful Nice old town, bronzing in the sun and taking in all the blueness of the sea that you can. It was always so hard to leave this place.

4. MAURITIUS – Shandrani Beachcomber resort.

Do you want to open your eyes to the sound of the waves? Well, that’s what Emirates crew gets to do, very often. No matter the room you get, you are at max 10 m from the ocean. The whole layover just feels like a mini vacation in a gorgeous resort, right on the beach. And it’s all paid for! Pina Colada, sun, massages and amazing buffet breakfast, all yours! Fun fact: most of the crew on the return sector have the same tan color – lobster red.

5. SYDNEY, Australia – Marriott at Circular Quay.

There are few hotels Emirates crew stays at when in Sydney, but nothing beats this one’s position. Even though the flight is really long and you arrive very tired, the thought of having Sydney Opera house view from your window makes up for all of it. Australia has amazing climate, so make sure to bring your bikini (as a crew you’ll have it always in your suitcase, anyway) and pay a visit to famous surfers’ paradise – Bondi beach.

6. BUDAPEST, Hungary – Marriott.

Located on the gorgeous river of Danube, with stunning views on the Chain Bridge of Budapest and 2 minutes away from the main pedestrian street, this layover grants itself a spot in this list. My favorite thing was drinking a coffee in the morning and just soaking in the stunning views from my room. And the view from your room on all the evening lights that illuminate the whole sky?

How could you say NO to this lifestyle?


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