Are you curious how can you be our most adored passenger of the flight? The one we will always remember? Keep on reading.

Coming into an airplane you are coming into our territory. It is for us like your office or your home is for you. So here are some things your crew will not really find cool:

1. Not replying when we wish you a “good day” and welcome you on-board.

2. Jamming the aisle in the middle of the boarding. If you finished placing your bags in the hatracks above, please step inside your seat and finish preparing your things there. There are 300 more people waiting to board, and we should take off in time.

3.Expecting the crew should lift your bags. We are prohibited to do it.
Unless you are a fragile old lady/gentleman, a pregnant women travelling alone, or a physically disabled person, you should be able to lift up whatever you managed to pack.

4.Asking for water in the middle of the boarding. Boarding is the limited time frame we have to prepare everything for on-time departure. After take-off we can assist you in anyway you need. Of course if you really don’t feel well and need something, you should ask anytime.

5.Not listening to the crew while they secure the cabin or give you any kind of instruction. These instructions have to be obeyed to. Remember that we don’t really care if you don’t put your seat-belt on for landing. If that plane breaks suddenly, you will bang the seat in front of you, not us. We tell it to you for your own safety.

6. If you plan to take off your shoes during the flight, think about wearing clean socks, or try to freshen up in the airplane, or in the airport (if you had a connecting flight).

7. Raising your feet on the seat in front of you – this is wrong in few aspects. Not only it’s just not nice, but also disrespectful to the passenger in that seat.

8. Asking for one thing, just to, when we bring it, you ask for another. Please try to ask for everything at the same time. There are many, many more people to be served.

9. Getting mad if we can’t serve you your meal choice. Catering takes care of number of each dish on-board, and we don’t get 300 chickens and 300 beefs. Again, not crew’s fault. You can always complain to the company. Crew is there just to deliver it to you.

10. Complaining just for the sake of getting a free upgrade. Not nice and probably you will not get it anyway.

11. Not saying ‘thank you’.

12. Leaving your tray after the service on the ground. We gave it to you into your hands, so please pick it up and pass it to us, during collection. Having your baby in your hands is the only case when it’s acceptable.

13. Yelling at crew or getting physical. Reports are written on nasty passengers. In some cases you will be offloaded even. It is a NO-GO item.

14. Giving dirty diapers to the crew. Straight into their hands, so we feel how warm they are. The toilets have waste bins. If you are unable to go to the toilet,
at least pack it in a bag or something, and tell us what it is so we can also bring a bag you can put it into. Little bit of respect goes a long way.

15. Coming on-board wasted. We will notice, and you’ll be offloaded, again. As at 40 000 ft and 7 hours flight, you will probably create some kind of a problem.

16. One goodhearted advice – don’t fly sick as well. At 40 000 ft all the symptoms, somehow, become even worse. The pressure, lack of oxygen and dry air will not help. Everything swells up even more, fever becomes even higher, and ears even more blocked. You can’t stop that airplane from ascending and descending quickly,
and if you are not able to equalize pressure in your ears on the ground, you won’t be able to handle this rapid changes. It hurts.

If you feel unwell and you REALLY have to fly, please bring your own medications, that you know you will need.

17. One more goodhearted advice – don’t go to the toilet in your socks only! That place is the nastiest place in the universe. Yes, we will judge you if we see you doing it.

18. Be aware of the class you’re flying in. If you are in economy, the level of attention we can give is certainly much lower than in the first class. That being said, don’t abuse the call-bell in economy class, you are not our only passenger.

These are the guidelines (wrote in a bit of a direct way, but with lot of humour behind it) to have a happy crew, and a happy flight, and you won’t be famous as a “that * guy sitting in 25C”. Instead, you’ll be our favorite. 🙂

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  1. Ian

    Interesting post,,, Its nice to know some of the stuff you wrote… Especially the assisting with bags, a stewardess got in trouble ladt time she helped my friend and i was clueless as to why…

    1. GinaV

      Hi Ian! I’m glad if you found this article interesting /useful. These are some aspects of the job that people never think of as passengers, so I spilled the beans 🙂

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