Yeey, the airline you want to apply for finally holds the open or the assessment day in your country. In your city, even better!

You decided to attend. How should you prepare for this big and very important day? How to have the edge over the other candidates? If you haven’t already, make sure to read how to respond correctly to open/assessment day questions!

Now let’s proceed with all the important steps for this huge day. Maybe it will be the day that will change your life!


✈ Prepare all the necessary documents in the days before. Don’t wait for the last day to print your CV! If possible, print it in color. Details matter, and
anything else that can catch the eye of the recruiter. The most difficult part is to be selected out of the sea of people there.

πŸ‘” Prepare what are you going to dress the day before. Make sure it is clean and ironed, you should present yourself at your best. Make sure it looks professional. It doesn’t have to be new or the latest fashion, but just presentable and professional. Read more about how to dress for an open day here.

πŸ‘Take care of you personal hygiene, be neat. Girls should try out the hairstyle they are going to wear before the big day. You don’t want to be late because your hair keeps falling out of the bun.
Use the pins to put away the hair strands, and please use the hair net to finish your bun style. I have seen some girls coming to the interview with hair all over the place. Should I say they didn’t pass to the next round?

😴 Try to get enough sleep the night before. It can be a very long day ahead of you, and you want to perform your best. Eat well, go have a run,
give your best to feel your best. Prepare some snacks to bring with you, as there should be pauses during the day, but it is not a must. Have water with you. As the assessment day progresses, it becomes more and more demanding. You should be present and concentrated on what you are saying until the end of the day.

πŸ•˜ Be ON TIME. Never be late on an assessment day. Come if you must even an hour earlier, but never-be-late. It is one of the things that they are strict about.

πŸ™‚ Have a little smile ALWAYS on your face. Sometimes our “neutral” face actually looks sad or angry to others. Practice to have always a so-called “smile of Monalisa” on your face. It will change how people perceive you, you will radiate pleasant and friendly energy and your recruiters will automatically respond nicer to your presence.

😎 Practice confidence and how to communicate clearly. The tone of your voice has more effect on how people will perceive you, than what you are actually saying.

πŸ– Practice your non-verbal communication skills. That actually means everything except the words you are saying – your body posture, the way you walk, facial expressions (especially while you listen to others), gesticulation, etc.

And the most important, RELAX and be yourself!

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