D U B A I.

New York on steroids. Place where you can find ANYTHING you can imagine in this life.
And the best thing in working for an airline there is – you have discounts anywhere you go! Beach clubs and resorts, spa centers and gyms, night clubs, restaurants... everywhere you go that little PINK card will do miracles.

Most of your days off you’ll spend soaking in the hot Dubai sun in the pool on top of your
building (every crew accommodation has it), in one of Dubai’s many beaches, or toning up your muscles in the gym (again, every crew building has it).

Nights are reserved for partying like a rock-star, as long as you can handle it! Though with the fatigue of the job, this becomes a less frequent habit with time. Nevertheless, 50% discount is waiting for you in many top notch places.

Lots of benefits are given to crew in Dubai, to make your life away from home more fulfilling and happier. You can try out a different activity every day, outdoor or indoor.

You name it, Dubai has it. There is so much to experience and explore.

Everything is given to you on a silver plate, and you just have to show up on time for your flight (without abusing the before mentioned discounts in night clubs, the night before lol) and do your job with a smile on your face!

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