Choosing a career of a cabin crew will completely change your habits and routine.

Actually, you will not have a routine anymore, or at least, not a routine that other people can understand. But you may be loving it!

In this post I talk about life of the cabin crew in general, but especially when working for an international airline such as Emirates, Etihad or Qatar airways (based in Middle-East). So what will become your new normality?

-Even if you were a couch potato before, after some time you will probably start going to the gym, to be able to cope with the -not so good- effects that flying has on your body. It’s a part of crew life, and it’s a double plus, since you will do well to your body and your health.

-You will be moving a lot during your work day. Every service on Emirates/other big airlines is a mini cardio training (that lasts few hours). Job of a cabin crew in a big airline is a very active and physical job, which is great as it keeps you active, and the flight goes by quicker.

-You will be able to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. Your day and night will not have the same meaning as those for normal people. You will often work during the night and sleep during the day. And one of the effects flying has on people is that you are just always somehow …tired.

-Sometimes it will be hard to maintain social relationships with people back home, again because of different timings you now have, and cause you are away.

-It will be harder attend important events such as weddings, birthdays, New Year’s Eve celebrations, etc. You will be able to  request days off or leave at times when it’s important for you to attend some event, and if you are lucky, you will get them.

-You will be able to afford almost anything you want to yourself and your loved ones. You will be able to make your parents/family travel to places they dreamed of. You will have the opportunity to afford any kind of hobby for yourself as well.

-You will learn to pack your essentials in your suitcase in 5 minutes. 

-You will learn to be always on time, or ahead of time. Being late in airline industry is punishable and non-acceptable, and it will become something very natural to you.

-You will have a double clock on your phone screen. One for your home base, one for the city you’re at.

Massages, SPA centers, beaches and pools will become your every day. You will get used to all the discounts all over the city you live in. You will have a pool in your building. Not something you have back home, I’m sure.

-You will have an international roaming sim card for all over the world (that sounds cool right?), because you will be a citizen of the world.

-When you have a look at how you’re dressed (like me today), you will realize every item is bought in a different country (cool again!).

-You will become an international person. You will learn many new words in many new languages, thanks to your colleagues.

-You will appreciate nature and your home country more. Life in the Middle East doesn’t really offer many colors when you go out of the apartment. When I used to come back home to Serbia, my eyes felt like they will explode from all the beautiful colors, the blue sky, green fluffy trees and all the sounds of birds, of river flowing… Things people take for granted usually, as you do now!

Once I stopped flying it took me a while to learn that this life was actually very blessed and easy. Unfortunately, many cabin crew take it for granted as in time we tend to forget our life from earlier. So go for it, and be ready for all the good things waiting for you, and appreciate them even when the times get rough!

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