I have met many crew who, at one point, were selected and started flying for Emirates, while their other half stayed back in their country, and then, the other person got selected too at some point. Lucky people, huh!

I think those are the happiest people in Emirates, or any other airline. You get to do the job you love, live with the one you love, and build your future together! Enjoy all the destinations together, the splendid life and all the good stuff it will bring to you, WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE!

You will as well fly together at times, and that is, if you ask me, a definition of a happy flight!  When you have someone you can rely on and trust on that airplane with you, your flight must go well. Nothing will move you!

I am not speaking only of couples here, there are many examples of sisters or brothers who got both selected on different open days. Crazy lucky people.

But what about the probability of both of you landing the job? Does it depend on your marital status, or do the recruiters even care about it?

Honestly, and sadly, no. Marital status has nothing to do with the way they select future crew. They have strict criteria when choosing people, and being married will not affect your chances of getting the job. But if they like both of you, they will select you based on your characters and personality.

If both of you in the end do get selected, let’s say, for example, on different open days, how can you actually live together in UAE?

In this case you should get married as the company will provide both of you with a live-out allowance. You can then leave the company provided accommodation, and rent a flat on your own. Only for this purpose it will matter if you are married or no.

Otherwise, you would not be able to live together, as housing is given for females or males only. That is, you will share the apartment with 1 or 2 more people of the same gender. Your girlfriend or boyfriend can visit and sleep over if they are crew as well. If they are not crew (for the same company, or not crew at all), they have to leave by 1 am usually.

Some companies like Qatar airways even have a curfew, where each person (crew) has to
go back home by a certain time (you check-in in your building with a card, so they can see when did you actually come back home). In this case, you can not even sleepover at your gf or bf.

Back to the live out allowance:
Once upon a time Emirates used to give us the live-out allowance anyway, so me, as a single person at that time, got approved and started living on my own, in a rented apartment. Unfortunately, the rule now is that only married people can get this money, or higher grades within the company, the ones you will not reach at least 8 years as a cabin crew. This rule is the same in Etihad.

So if both of you plan to do this job, and hopefully both of you get selected, think about putting a ring on it. Your life will be much easier from the start! Seychelles are only a 4 hour flight from Dubai, and you’ll have your dream wedding come true 😉

Best of luck!

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  1. Kameliya

    Thank you veeeery much for this article. 😍🥰

    1. GinaV

      My pleasure Kameliya! Let me know if you have any other interests, I will be happy to write about it.

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