You want to travel the world. You want to wear that beautiful uniform and be a flight attendant. And the day has come.

You put on your clothes. You do your make up, and put your hair in a neat bun. Anxiety level is high, but you’re positively excited. It’s time to go!

As you arrive to the place where the open day is being held, you keep your breath seeing so many beautiful, young people, trying to get the same job like you. You might get discouraged for a moment, but you continue taking firm steps towards your dream.

A typical selection for a Middle-eastern airline (Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Saudi airlines, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, but also for most other airlines in the world) will look like this:


Personal or online dropping off the CV. When your turn comes, you’ll have a minute or two to chit-chat with the recruiter. They get to see so many faces, so it’s the most important part to pass, if you ask me. Usually that same day, you get the call if you passed to the next round.

This first phase is sometimes done immediately online, on the company’s website, which cuts the time needed for the company to select candidates to invite to the second round- the assessment day. If you get an invitation, check out the timing and the location, and prepare for the big day.


is a day full of activities, a test of English language, and a reach test (you should reach 212 cm with your fingers, without shoes on). Usually the test of English language is done firstly, so those who don’t satisfy the required level get cut out before proceeding.

After that, role-play scenarios come into play. Teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills are looked for. How you handle the problems with passengers, how you carry yourself, just about anything and everything about you and the way you behave in various tricky situations.

Then again, the same day, they call out the names of the people who got to pass to the next round.


Until some year ago, this part was done in the city where the open day was held, face to face with the recruiter, and it lasted quite a while. It depends on the airline how will they choose to do it, as some of them now do it as a web-based mini video interview (Emirates). The best practice is to do your research on which questions to expect and prepare in advance, so they will see you are serious about getting the job, and you value their time. Read more about this here.

As mentioned before, for some companies (Emirates) you will do it from the comfort of your home . You will get a set of questions, and then you will record a series of small video-answers, that they can watch on-demand. The good thing here is that you have enough time to think how will you respond.

More on this whole selection process you can find on Emirates website.

If you think this is where it all ends, you’re hella wrong. The part that still awaits for you is a “personality test”, based on which they construct your psychological profile. You will do it at your own pace from the peace of your home, and there is no right or wrong. If you ever did a Briggs-Myers test, well, it’s very similar.

Another thing that is on your way before getting the job is a medical test you will be required to do and provide them with the results. They want to make sure you are able to do the job.

And then you wait. And wait. And maybe your phone will ring. Maybe it won’t. But if it rings, you got the famous “Golden call”. It’s time to pack your bags!

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