How does a layover look like? How much time do you have? What do you get once you land to your destination? What are the things you will enjoy for FREE that others can dream of?


Working for most of the big airlines, in this case I will talk about Emirates, all the flights longer than 5 hours are layovers. Which means that you stay in that destination 24 hours usually. There are some exclusions where the layover is shorter (16 or 18 hrs), or even longer (30 or 48 hours), but there are only few to name. Follow this link to see 6 best located layovers on Emirates https://flywithgina.com/top-6-best-located-emirates-layovers/.

When you arrive to the hotel with your crew, you check-in in seniority order. If you are the youngest member of the crew, that means you will have to wait for everyone else to check-in in front of you. You get the money allowance for that 1 day (or more, if layover is 2 days like some US destinations=a decent amount of $$), which is provided to cover your meals and even a bit of sightseeing.


You also have discounts in hotels you stay at, in case you decide to stay and eat in the hotel. Majority of the hotels Emirates crew stays at are 4 or 5 stars. Some of them are really, really beautiful, with very cool design and stunning views, and all of them have gorgeous pools, gym and SPA.

Some are huge resorts (Phuket, Mauritius…) and many of them have outdoor pool. So in tropical places your layover can be pretty great even if you spend your time only tanning and sipping on a cocktail by the pool!

In the hotel you will have free access to the gym and the pool, free wi-fi, buffet breakfast at a special price, SPA treatments at a special price. My favorite part of every layover used to be the breakfast. So many things to try! Especially in exotic places, where you get to taste some of the typical local breakfast dishes.

You have those 24 hours (or more) to do whatever you want. To go exploring alone or with the crew. To go on an organized tour, hiking, rent a bicycle, or take a ride on a hop-on hop-off bus (my favorite choice in every new place I go to) . Be sure to manage your rest well, as you will probably push yourself to do as much as possible, but you still have to operate the return flight.


1 hour before the pick-up time (that is when the bus comes to take the crew to the airport) you receive a wake-up call. You should get ready, go down in the hotel lobby to meet your crew, settle your bill and do the relevant document checks with your seniors.

At the pick-up time, the bus leaves. Some airports are really far from the hotel, so this drive can be even 1 hour long . But in most cases its around 25-30 minutes. Many hotels are even in the airport, so we walk from the hotel to the airport.


Once in the airport, you pass all the steps as a normal passenger – the check-in (but without the waiting part), security checks, passport control. You pass through the duty free shops, where again, you have some great discounts, so I’m sure you’ll have a good selection of perfumes and the best make-up there is!

At a certain time you should be at the gate. There or in the airplane, you will have a pre-flight briefing with your team, and then all the other pre-flight steps as before every single flight.

It’s time to work. If you have a good team, you won’t even feel it’s work, and in a few hours you’ll be back ‘home’, with your friends, loved one or even a cat!

Until our next flight! 🙂

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