Where will your first flight take you to?Mine took me to RIO!

I was doing a stand by (as for the first few days you don’t get schedule for flights, but they pull you out for flights from stand by-which means you are there with your make up, hair and uniform all done, and when your phone rings, it means its time to go-go, and there and then they tell you where!).

As the crew scheduler on the other side of the phone pronounced RIO DE JANEIRO, I had a mini heart-attack! 15 hours flight that brings me to a beautiful hotel on the beach in Brasil?? yes please! plus I got paid for it!

As I was a rookie, i had no bikini in my suitcase, no flip-flops, no spf, and guess what? Not even socks. But who cares!

I was happy just to be there, I was enjoying the sand under my feet (and in my sneakers), bought a cheap bikini and sipped on a Caipirinha in Copacabana, freshly made in the little kiosk by an older, beautiful Brazilian lady!

She was running a business of making Caipirinhas in the beach with her son, how cool is that??As I was skinny and had no tan, I obviously didn’t belong there, in the sea of bronze tanned, curvy ladies, in smallest bikinis that exist only in Rio and Miami,
and muscly guys with curly hair playing football in the sunset…

Lobster red from the sun, I hit the road back to the hotel.

Such a typical mistake once you start flying! You know nothing, you get burned,
you get lost…But that’s how you learn. It’s gonna be a nice tan in a few days, at least.

Wind in my hair, sand in my socks-less shoes, my soul full of this new culture so different than mine, and people who don’t have much but live such a happy life.. I took it all with me.

And I couldn’t believe where life took me.

Now I can tell everyone, YES, I WAS IN RIO!

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