If you took at least one flight in your life, you must have wondered – how do flight attendants get to look so glam and pretty all the time? Even after many long and exhausting flying hours and put it on repeat….almost every day?

The fun of this job has it’s role in this, and helps us keep our cheeks high, but there are many more items and treatments involved in this. Doing this job you have it all under your fingertips, as every corner of the world is easily accessible. Every single thing that there is, you can try it. You get the best of everything. So let me start revealing the MUST TRY beauty list to you:

1.WATER – it is, as you probably know by now, essential for your skin. Cabin crew is more exposed to dry air in the airplane, so we definitely feel thirst much more, which our skin is grateful for, as we tend to drink 2.5-3 liters of water per day without thinking. You become more plumped, hydrated, it is a magic ingredient many people neglect at times. If you infuse your water with some slices of cucumber and lemon, you’ll get a great detox drink flight attendants just love.

2. SLEEP – one more essential item. Try to get 8 hours of sleep when you can. Don’t oversleep if you really don’t have to, as you may wake up very fluffy and squished. Tend to sleep on your back so you don’t create unnecessary wrinkles by squeezing your face in the pillow. Your body (and face) will be grateful if you manage to catch the best recovery hours between 22-6. Of course as an FA this was rarely possible, but just saying.

3. GOOD SERUMS, MOISTURIZER AND EYE CREAM. Take care of your eye area as it is especially dry since it can’t produce any oil on it’s own (no glands there). And it suffers the most from our facial expressions. My experience with very expensive luxury brands (Chanel, Lancome, Estee Lauder etc) is not very good, as I think they are full of artificial components and chemicals which seriously disturbed my skin every – single – time. I got skin rashes, skin color changes (EL under-eye cream made my skin burn and turn purple). Turn to more dermatological and natural brands, that contain less fake ingredients, no silicons, parabens, parfum.

4. RETINOL AND VITAMIN C. Retinol is a great anti-ageing ingredient which makes your skin tight and works amazingly for the texture. It makes skin cells turnover quicker, hence you get the old ones to shed away, while new baby ones keep on coming. If you decide to start using Retinol based products, be sure to read more about it, as it is a specific ingredient that also brings some unwanted effects until your skin gets used to it.

Vitamin C is there to keep your complexion shine bright, taken orally everyday(dose of 1000 mg) or applied topically in creams/serums, it works wonders.

5. SPF!!! Life in Dubai can leave a trace on your face if you don’t learn how to take care from the sun. Make it your every morning routine to put SPF , just like washing your face. I can’t stress it enough. Find a good one that fits your skin type, or get a moisturizer that contains it. Don’t even consider SPF less than 30.

6. KOREAN SKIN-CARE. Snail masks, honey masks, snake venom. It sounds crazy, but just look at their skin and you’ll understand. Korea is the “mother of all” skin care products that there are, and Korean women are absolute winners of eternally youthful look. Splash it on girl!

7. COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENTS. As something you give to your body from the inside, I will always say it works better than anything coming from the outside.

8. ANTIOXIDANT HERBS AND POWDERS. Moringa, Curcuma, Green tea, Grape polyfenol capsules… Mix it into your drink and get it into your system. Fight those free radicals that make us age and make our cells get older quickly. I always used to have that 1 colleague with a bottle of water full of funny green powder dissolving… and I was one of them as well (I still am in my house). We probably look like lunatics to normal people.

My day for the past 10 years begins with 2 cups of green tea with lemon squeezed inside, and guess what? I usually get that I don’t look my age!

9. LESS MAKE UP. Working up to 15 hours under the dry airplane air you start to appreciate letting your skin breathe. BB creams and light corrector instead of a full-on-heavy foundation will always be a choice your skin will thank you for. Even though I always had very flawed skin, I never used heavy foundations. You can make it all work with some concealer and a bronzer.

10. COSMETIC TREATMENTS. If you are under 27, dear reader, please skip this part. You are young and beautiful.

So, as much as girls like to say it’s all natural (yeah right), I’ll tell you, in very high percentage of flight crew, it isn’t. At least in Dubai where I lived, it was normal as getting a cup of coffee, to get something done. Botox is a flight attendant’s (and every woman’s) good friend, let’s be honest. Facial fillers, under-eye fillers to keep the fatigued look away, biorevitalization, collagen boosting, ulthera, prp and similar treatments…. You name it, we tried it. Of course, there are always those all natural girls (in a very small percentage though).

It is a thing of personal choice, to go for the more invasive procedure or the less invasive one.

11. Last but not the least – SMILE!!! Keep your cheeks up high as much as you can, and you will see a huge difference. Have you ever thought of doing some face yoga? Works the same way and makes drastic differences!

Off you go my reader, and don’t forget not to compare yourself with anyone.  Your beauty is unique in it’s own way, so nurture it and be your own unique self.

Radiate from within and all these tips will be just a small addition that make that small difference 😉 !

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