Do you have that burning desire to change your life? 

Do you feel the need to see the whole world?

Do you feel your home and your country just can’t give
you what you need at this moment?

I never felt like I belonged to my country, my city or just a normal way of living that society demands from us. I never dreamed of having a wedding, kids, stable job, instead I dreamed of so many unknown places and cities out there.

I dreamed of starry skies and wind in my hair, of packed suitcase that has everything I need in it, of excitement of landing to a new place.

June 2013. was the month when my life changed, and everything I was yearning for was offered to me on a silver plate. I applied and became cabin crew for Emirates.

My life changed from the roots. 

My economical situation sky rocketed. I was able to make anything happen for myself and my loved ones. I experienced the best there is in this life.

I woke up 2 times per week in another city. My ‘home’ was glamorous Dubai, and it was just a base where I would recover and prepare for the next trip.

My days off I would spend rushing to the airport to catch a
flight to wherever I wanted. I was never at one place, and I loved it!

My bank account was being deposited and I was travelling and being free?? It is possible!

Don’t wait! Take a step towards your new life. All it takes is one decision, and a burning desire,and the stars will align to help you achieve it. Ask me how!

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