How is it to work for oh so famous, EMIRATES ?

If you are thinking to apply for this huge company, keep on reading as I will reveal to you everything there is to know about working for one of the world’s best airlines .


You will fly on Boeing 777 and Airbus A380. Both of the planes have a capacity of around and more than 400 people.


Emirates has a huge network of destinations they fly to. It will really let you see the WHOLE world. As they are based in the Middle East they offer good connections with East and West, and you will fly absolutely everywhere. Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, Africa. This is one of the few very good parts of the job, as it gives you a very exciting life full of adrenaline.


Once upon a time crew used to get well positioned apartments in the center of Dubai. Most of the places offered nowadays are a bit out of the city center, or if you are lucky you can still get a home closer to all the happenings and vibe of Dubai. You will be placed in an apartment with 1 or 2 more people of the same gender. All the buildings have a pool and a gym and it is really a different lifestyle than what you are probably used to, as everything is given to you.

You cant choose where will you primarily be put to, but after some time you can put yourself on the waiting list for some other building, or if your friend’s flatmate is leaving, she/he can sign to accept you to their place. Sometimes these requests are closed, sometimes open.

There is the option of getting the live-out allowance from the company if you’re married, and it that case you can find yourself a place to live in. The allowance is enough for a small studio.


Once you finish your 6 weeks training, you will start flying. And you will fly 90-110 hours per month. From East to the West, you will be thrown around the time zones. Most of the flights are 6-7-8 hours long. One day Hong Kong, another day UK. But this is also a nice part of the job, that you get to experience such diverse cultures in the same week, whereas other people working in the office wait for the Friday and weekend to live. If you found yourself on this blog that means you don’t want that life.

The schedules are just random, and every 17th in a month is the day that every crew member of Emirates awaits impatiently. You get your roster for the next month and it will be composed of layovers, turnarounds, days off and rest days, mix and match.


Most of the layovers are 24 hours, and they follow flights longer than 4.30 hours. You will get 1 day in the destination after a 5 hours flight, same as after a 13/14 hours flight. Certain layovers are a bit longer, up to 48 hours. The company provides the allowance for the time spent in layover, and you get it once you check-in to the hotel with the crew.


These are the flights when you will go to a destination and come back to Dubai the same day (or early the next day if the flight departs in the evening/night). These flights are usually a bit harder, as the day gets really long, especially if it is a long turnaround (like 4 hrs + 4 hrs).


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  1. Kameliya

    Great post tho! 😍 Can you please make a post about couples who want to apply in EK? Do we have to be only engaged or we must have marriage certificate for sure when applying? Do we have a bigger chance for being approved if we are together? Thank you in advance.

    1. GinaV

      Hi Kameliya! I will write about it soon, stay tuned! 😊

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