I am an ex-Emirates airline cabin crew, with 6 years flying experience working for the “best-of-the-best”. I was chosen immediately, from the first try.  Having spent a total of around 4400 flying hours on the biggest airplanes in the world, I have worked with many diverse colleagues and personalities.

In every conversation I had with my colleagues on-board, I tried to understand what is like the person behind and why was he/she chosen? After 6 years, I have a very clear answer. I am sure it is something you want to know as well. It is a precious information for everyone trying to pass the selection.

But let’s go back to how it all began: I used to have this dream of becoming a flight attendant (the same as you) for Emirates when I was only 16 years old. I searched their website in hope to see what is it all about, and how can I apply (silly little me), but the information I found made me so sad…the age limit was 21. So I had put this wishful thought in a little box in the back of my head, and I completely forgot about my dream with years that passed by.

In the meantime I finished my college, got my degree, and, as if it was waiting for me all those years, at the year of 25, my long lost dream called me again. And this time something was very clear about it-it was meant to be. It really was my destiny who prepared this surprise for me, because I did as little as possible, and everything else happened by itself.

I picked up a pencil skirt from my mom, a white blouse from my sister, did my hair into a neat bun and added a bit of make-up on my face. I made only the first step, and my destiny propelled me through those 400+ people, and 3 days after I was among 20 other souls doing the final interview towards my new life in Dubai. Some wind was just pushing me forward.

Two more weeks have passed in awaiting for that famous golden call”, and in the meantime I got the job as a Chemical engineer in one of the biggest oil refineries in this part of the world. Great opportunity to start my career.

I was on my first day at work, with a helmet in my hand, when during the lunch break my phone rang. The number on the screen showed a strange, long number, and I could only guess who was calling….when I answered, the voice on the other side cheerfully announced “CONGRATULATIONS GINA!!!”.

I left the refinery job the same day and exchanged that yellow helmet for my beautiful, red hat with a white veil.

My dream was calling and I had to respond. My life today and me as a person wouldn’t be the same without it. I was made for flying and making people happy. My soul and my heart are full of all of the sights I’ve seen in all these years of a life in the suitcase, and my mind has expanded so much, that I will never be the same again.

I am here to pass all of my experiences to you, to encourage you with all my heart to chase your dream and to HELP YOU PASS THE SELECTION AND BECOME A CABIN CREW. Let’s begin!