Being a cabin crew for a huge airline looks so appealing and exciting, right? Not a single day is the same. You are right! So how does a “typical” day of an Emirates cabin crew start like?

Let’s wake up with Gina and prepare for a flight departing at 8:15 am, for example.

4:30 My alarm rings with the sounds of the waves in Mauritius (but the pina-colada is missing though), it’s time to rise and shine! I probably didn’t have more than 6 hours of sleep (or any other crew), even that’s very optimistic.

4:30-5:45 I put on my favorite music, shower, prepare some green tea with lemon.

Put on the uniform. In this process I notice my stockings have a hole in them, or my blouse has an impossible-to-remove stain on it, so I fix these things on the go, as I never prepared my uniform the night before (very responsible).

I do the make-up (I was one of those who didn’t take a lot of time to do it), do the hair (almost never got to make it right from the first try, because of 5 kgs weight jungle on my head). Spray half bottle of the hairspray to fix the style, until my bathroom becomes a gas chamber, and I’m done.

I check if my suitcase has everything I need for that 1 day, order a taxi, leave the house and greet my lovely Nepalese security guy and a cat stretching under the rising sun of Dubai, on the way.

6:15 E-gate opens (2 hours before the flight). I pass the electronic passport control, check-in for my flight and send my suitcase to the belt, pass the security control.

One time I had forgotten a bottle of 1.5 L Baileys I had bought coming from a flight the day before, in my cabin bag, so Arabic police officers working in security check asked me if I had any bottles inside obviously. I confidently responded ‘NO’ as I really didn’t have a slightest memory of any possible bottle in my bag… Then they took that huge thing out. That’s what happens when you fly every day, short term memory becomes even shorter.

My beloved Baileys was never seen again.

6:20 Briefing time. I’m on my way through the maze of the hallways in the headquarters, and searching for the assigned briefing room.

It’s time to meet the crew I’ll work with (12-27 people, depending on the aircraft and length of the flight).

6:50 The briefing ends, and we all leave to the little shuttle bus which, through another maze of underground passages known only to our drivers, takes us directly in front of our aircraft.

7:10 Crew enters the aircraft taking last few breaths of fresh air for the next 5 – 17 hours, depending on where you fly to.

We do the security search in quick 12 minutes. Everyone has his own area to search, and when done we get a phone call to confirm everything is clear and plane is ready to board.

7:30 I check if my lipstick is in place on my lips after a sandwich I grabbed in the meantime, but usually I find some traces of it even on my chin. That’s not where you’re supposed to be my friend! Fix it, and head to the cabin to welcome passangers.

7:35 Passengers start boarding. Economy class on Emirates Airbus A380 has a capacity of 427 people, business class 76 and first class 14.

It’s a tough day waiting for you ahead. But the thought of landing in that beautiful destination and the fun of the job itself is what keeps you going! And the excitement never goes away.

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