Doing this job brought me many questions about my life throughout the years.

People usually have very vivid imagination about life of a flight attendant, and they definitely think it’s very wild.

Well, in Dubai it actually is in the first year at least. But that’s because Dubai is a place that offers you everything there is to try in life. Other than that, there are also many diverse personality types, as there is around 20 000 of crew living in Dubai, so you’ll find pretty much everything.

So let’s start breaking down the myths:

1.We stay 5 days in every place we fly to.

WRONG. Even after longest flights (15 hours to Australia, or US) you get 24 hours rest. And that’s counting from the moment of touchdown, until you take-off for return flight. At least 5 hours are lost in all the transfers in-between, so you are left with 19 hours more or less in the hotel itself. Working for a busy, international airline unfortunately doesn’t give you few days in a destination, as they have flights there every day, and crew exchanges every day.

2. Just because we do this job, or because of the uniform, males usually get us as ‘easy to get along with’ girls, hint hint.

WRONG. No need to talk about this in depth, it’s self-explanatory, but just because you have fantasies about uniforms, doesn’t mean it’s really the case.

3. It gets wild on layovers.

PARTIALLY TRUE. For some people it does, depends on your personality type and your interests, relationship status etc.

It is very interesting to fly with new people every day, and since we all get each other very well, because we deal with the same issues and problems during the day, once in the hotel crew usually gathers for a dinner.

After a physically exhausting and psychologically demanding day, most of us like to relax with a glass of wine or drink of preference.Sometimes it continues with a party. Outside or even in someone’s hotel room (this part is usually reserved for the youngest crew, still full of energy).

These things you don’t have in any regular job. It is a part of what I like to call ‘cabin crew psychology’, where after only few hours with those people, you share such a strong bond, that you share even your personal life with them.

4. We have a boyfriend in every city we fly to.

MOSTLY WRONG. Some girls definitely do, but many of us have some friend or someone we like to see, in few of the cities we fly to. Not really boyfriend.

5. We are just cabin crew and we are not educated much.

DEFINITELY WRONG. Many of flight attendants have very high degrees. Me for example, Master of Chemical engineering.

I still remember expressions on my passengers’ faces when they hear this part about me, during some conversation. Their jaws would drop, and usually they asked me why do I do the job of cabin crew. BECAUSE IT’S MORE FUN THAN ANYTHING!!!

I met as well many crew who are lawyers, architects, or have their own business.

6. We are there just to serve food and drink.

OH-OH. Even if you think this, NEVER say it to your crew. We get very extensive 2 months training in dealing with medical cases, in aircraft safety and emergency procedures and security. We get even trained on basics of martial arts.

We are basically your mom, psychologist, doctor, police officer and a firefighter up there. If anything goes wrong, we know how to deal with it, and you’ll be looking at our faces when turbulence starts and when you get scared.

Just because we give out food and drinks most of the time, with a smile on our face (when we’re well rested lol) doesn’t mean that’s our only purpose there. But we’ll gladly serve you that Jack and coke.

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